Oh look!  We found a fan!

#Repost from @xxscarygaryxx with @repostapp —- #slaughtermoviehouse guests @missuglyshoes @slugkc getting a Whiff of #theheartbreakofVD during our STD showcase!!!!

#Repost from @xxscarygaryxx with @repostapp —- Don’t get Contracted with The Heartbreak of VD cause Slaughter Movie House is providing Glow in the Dark Condoms for your safety!!!! @slaughtermhouse #safesex #slaughtermoviehouse

#Repost from @caitlinlheinz with @repostapp —- If you wanna see my amazing #dancemoves go watch The Heartbreak of VD on #YouTube up now at a film festival near you @theplaybabies #playbabies #filmfest #acting #theater #theatre

7.7.14 - Slaughter Movie House -Kansas City, Missouri.

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I played a role in this film. The Play Babies are a wonderful crew to work with. 

Tater… Tot.

..And then there was that one time that Lydia Lunch hand-fed me tater tots during a Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger show…

#Repost from @ttmeade with @repostapp —- Still from ‘Nihilists Need Love Too’ video as imagined by @theplaybabies! From my new album!

NIHILISTS NEED LOVE TOO is an Official Selection and Best Music Video Nominee of the 2014 FILMQUEST FILM FESTIVAL in Salt Lake City, UT!

THE HEARTBREAK OF VD will be exposed at the July 7th edition of SLAUGHTER MOVIE HOUSE in Kansas City, MO!